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What Is Strategic Marketing?

What Is Strategic Marketing?

Webster’s defines strategy as both a method and a skill to achieve a goal.  At PIVIT, we define it as a clear choice about how to compete.  Strategic marketing is thus an intentional, planned approach to promoting your brand.

The 3 P’s Of Your Brand

Before you can be effective in promoting your brand, you must first define what we like to call the 3 P’s of your brand:  purpose, positioning, and promise.

  • Purpose:  This is the cause, quest, or why of your business.  It’s what your company stands for.  Your purpose is like fuel on the road to your goals.
  • Positioning:  This is your competitive advantage.  It’s what makes your offering different or more desirable.  Your positioning is like guardrails on the road to your goals.
  • Promise:  This is what you daily deliver.  It’s what your customers perceive your product or service to be; not what you say it is.  Your promise is the car you’re driving on the road to your goals.

So, Where Do You Want To Go?

Similar to planning a road trip, your approach to promoting your brand will be determined by comparing where you are now to where you want to go.   From advertising, referrals, and direct mail, to cold calling, social media, and landing pages, there are many lead generating avenues available.  And there is an effort, timeframe, and cost associated with each route pursued.

For Best Results, Follow Your Plan

Strategic marketing in a nutshell is creating and executing a plan for your brand that aligns your vision and purpose with your messaging, delivery, and budget.  Need help developing or implementing your marketing plan to achieve your next level of success?  We would love to be your marketing solutions provider.

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